Winks Health Nebulizer 313


Latest ultrasonic technology can effortlessly turn the drug into tiny particles to easily deliver even and fine mist with a constant and mild atomization rate, which will improve the absorption efficiency of medicine, with fewer residues left.

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1. Support one-button control, instant to power on or off, and adjust the mist spray to meet custom nebulization demands whenever you want with user-friendly operation, whisper-quiet and silent design can allow you to enjoy without disturbing others.

2. Equipped with one atomizing mouthpiece and two masks in different size variations to be widely suitable for kids and adults for multipurpose application demands.

3. Support a two-way power supply, you can directly plug in the USB-enabled devices to access power, or you can also install 2* AA batteries(batteries are not included) for continuous use.

4. A Detachablemedicine cup allows you to clean the residual liquid to prevent clogging and maintain a long-lasting reliable atomization performance.

5. Smart shut-off protection function, it will automatically power off after continuous working for 20 minutes or when there is no liquid left, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

6. Handy and lightweight design enables palm-size fit and carrying a breeze, suitable for both home and travel use.


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