The Best Portable Nebulizers On The Market

Our pocket-size handheld nebulizers are lightweight, do not require tubing or air compressor, and are extremely quiet. They are perfect to be used at home or to take anywhere with you – portability at its best!

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Top Features

Our premium nebulizers are packed with amazing features to make your life much easier.


Carry in a pocket or in a bag, our nebulizers are lightweight and compact to fit in anywhere.

Super Quiet

Gone are the days when you felt embarrassed using a loud nebulizer in public. These are ultra-quiet with no sound whatsoever.

Two Power Source

You can directly plug in the USB-enabled devices to access power, or you can also install 2* AA batteries for continuous use.


Our latest ultrasonic technology can effortlessly turn the drug into tiny particles to easily deliver even and fine mist directly to your lungs.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Our portable nebulizers work perfectly for infants, kids, and adults. It comes with an adult mask, a child mask, and a mouthpiece to suit everyone’s needs.

Adult Mask

Child Mask


Choose from Two Designs

Don’t settle for a boring design and limited choices. While a nebulizer isn’t a fashion statement, it’s always a good idea to get a nicely designed product.

Winks Health Nebulizer 313


Simple, classic design with dual-tone color scheme. One button in the center for convenient usage.

Winks Health Nebulizer 156


Modern design with black color scheme and a LED light to help you know when device is working.

Customers Love Winks Health

Take a look at what our previous buyers are saying about their purchase.

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I love how quiet this machine is! All the other nebulizers I’ve used for my asthma have been so noisy. This one is quiet enough that I can use it in public without feeling embarrassed.
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This little device is the best nebulizer that I’ve ever used for my asthma. It’s affordable, easy to use and most importantly: it works.
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I got the Winks Health Nebulizer for my congestion and it’s been very helpful. It eases my symptoms every time I use it. It works much better than my inhaler, and it’s just as portable.
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I definitely prefer to use this nebulizer as it’s quiet and doesn’t have tubing. Very happy with it!